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Every business is unique. We understand that the products you sell, your workflow, and scale are unique to your business. So, we’re here to provide you the best POS system for your business.


GOPOS started off in 2015 delivering quality Point-Of-Sale systems to clienteles both small and large. We first noticed a gap in the POS market where retailers could not fully utilize the capabilities of their POS system. So, GOPOS was formed to provide unique POS systems to meet the needs and requirements of each individual business. Click to learn more about our 5 step service process.

Food and Beverages

Customize Orders

Easily add additional addons or upgrades. Create complex menu choice with combo set such as lunch set menu, promotion packages, and more.


A Digital Menu allows your customer to immediately view the menu on their own smart device and to place order by themselves.

Table View

Get a bird-eye view over all the status of your tables, check table availability instantly, and activate a table in a single tap.

Retail & Commercial

Multi-store Support

Our system allows your branches to send their transactions (sales, customers, inventory, vendor data & etc) to head office for consolidation.

Mobile Reporting

Check your daily business sales, stock management and multi-branch connectivity status in real time directly via your mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

Online Store

Our system offers the most advanced storefront features you need to build and grow your online store.

Service Lines

Appointment Scheduling

Arrange and schedule appointments easily with our easy to use system. Set reminders to follow up customers via SMS/Whatsapp.

Deposit Payments

You can now charge lesser upfront amount and accept installments thanks to our system that allows you to track each customer’s payment status.

Membership Program

Retain your customers and encourage them to spend more to unlock membership rewards such as additional discounts, limited product offers, etc.