The Power Of the Future

The AI delivery robot “Lucki”  that was developed independently is capable of meal delivery, attracting customers, has automated movement with accurate navigation, smart obstacle avoidance, voice interaction, and is able to be synced across multiple machines.

Applicable to various organizations such as restaurants, hospitals, and even hotels.

Up to


More Efficient Delivery

Up to


Customer Satisfaction

Up to



As low as


Per Month
*For first 20 Customers*




Exposure Rate

Attract Traffic Effect

Interactive Effect

Promotion Effect

Promotion Content

Brand Publicity


/ 1-2m around shelf Average No Normal It's the last day of promotion No


High 1-2m around shelf Rely on positivity Good (observe others) Rely on worker's sales ability Need xxx? It's on sale No



20m around shelf

High Attraction (Curiousness +Moveable)


Can be standardized

Picture/Video/Brand advertising/ Interesting promotion languages

Good (Ai Robot high-end quality image positioning)

Performance Comparison



Promotion Ability

Voice Interaction

✅ Supported

Not Supported
Customized Promotion Materials

✅ Supported

Not Supported
Greetings and Attraction

✅ Supported

Not Supported

Delivery Ability

Load Capacity

✅ Single tray load 10kg, total load up to 40kg (4 trays)

Single tray load 10kg, total load up to 40kg
Maximum Delivery Speed

✅ 1.2 m/s

1 m/s
Battery Life 12-15h (Standard Battery) 15h
Emergency Obstacle Avoidance

✅ Stable delivery which avoids spilling food liquid

The delivery is slightly shaken and the food liquid is easy to spill
Charging Time 3.5h 4h
Operating Life

✅ 26000h Longer Service Life

Multi-robot Cooperation Supported Supported
  • \Free combinations of Multiple layers
  • \Charge it once and use it all day
  • \Accurately answer questions even in a noisy environment
  • \Automatic navigation, fast and stable
  • \Non-stop goods delivery costs are lower than manual labor
  • \Smart Promotion
  • \Proactively greet and engage customers
  • \Easy setup via H5 Browser
Differentiated Advantages of Lucki
Efficient Delivery

Tables | Service


KG | Weight

Diversified Promotion — Engaging and Attracting Potential Customers 
Flexible interaction helps to attract customers with customized pictures and videos. Lucki won’t be shy or awkward! Lucki will interact with customers by recommending products, promotions, and distributing coupons. It also helps with building up customer relationships too!
Guidance Mode — Leading Customers to Target Tables
AI Delivery Robot can be triggered by touching the screen, then it can directly lead the customer to the target table with background music.

Delivery Mode – Stable and Accurate

The delivery mode can provide stable service at both fast and slow speeds, and may be paused by touching the screen. The destination can be changed and the meal can be picked up during the delivery. The robot can broadcast advertisements during the delivery all the time to increase brand awareness and drive up sales.

Cruise Mode – Accessible to Anywhere

Snacks and trays can be distributed or collected at each point set up in the route. At the same time, it can also attract customers by displaying advertisements.
Microphone and Speaker
6-microphone ring array, 360° coverage, 5m effective, accurate pickup, clear and sweet tone.
Wide-open Large Tray
Single-tray area:0.2㎡
Total capacity:40kg
Easy to take and place:360°
Color-changing Indicator Tape
Charging: green
Fully charged: blue
Working: blue
Fault: red
Stop: blue
Abrupt stop: red
Turning: flashing
Each status is clearly indicated
Solid and Stable Chassis
Equipped with a radar sensing system, with strong performance, balanced movement, and inertial navigation.

Personalized Customer Service

VIP Birthday Service: Play Birthday songs with decorations.

Birthday Theme

Longevity Theme

Cat Theme (Customized)

Children’s Day Theme

Wedding Theme

Customize optional accessories according to your brand.

Application in Various Types of Businesses

Grocery Store



Grocery Store

Restaurant- The classic working mode of the restaurant.
Deliver items such as cutlery and napkins to the tables or restaurant entrances.

1.Waiters operate robots to deliver food from the kitchen.

2. Provides table-to-table delivery services, delivering the restaurant items such as dishes, tableware, napkins, etc.

3. After the robot picks up dishes from the waiter or guest, the robot will deliver the food to the following table.

4. After the robot completes its work will automatically return to the reception.

Zero Delay, Safely Avoid Obstacles, Walk Steadily

Advanced Dual SLAM Solution

Multi-robot Cooperation


General Parameters

Overall Size

 526mm x 493mm x 1320mm

Net Weight



Pearl White + Elegant Black

Body Material

Aviation Aluminum; High Strength PC + ABS (Food Grade Plastic Material)

Screen Size

10.1 inch; 1080P

Loading Capability

Loading Space

3 tiers /4 tiers are adjustable, the area of each tier is 0.18 ㎡

Single Tray Load


Total Load



5 Degrees

Interactive Ability

Voice Interaction + Touch Screen Control

System Performance

Hardware Platform

Qualcomm 8-core chip + 32-bit Microchip MCU+Intel® RealSense ™ depth sensor

Operating System

Deep customized Robot OS operating system based on Android 9.0

Navigation System

Lidar + Visual Positioning + Visual Obstacle Avoidance + Odometer + IMU

Microphone Array

6 microphone arrays, 360° sound source positioning, 5 m sound range

Cruising Speed

0.5 ~ 1.2m/s (Adjustable)

Battery Life

12 ~ 15 hours (According to actual working conditions)

Positioning Accuracy

Centimeter Level

Network and Charging

Network Supports

4G supports TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE WiFi supports 2.4G/5G

Charging Mode

Charging via Cable

Charging Time

3.5 h