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Sangkaya is a local based coconut creamery which churns a unique dessert experience. Their ice cream uses coconut milk as the foundation. They are well renowned for their ‘Signature Series’ where 4 scoops of premium coconut ice cream in a half coconut shell is served.
Gopos managed to assist Sangkaya to switch over to reform and restructure the overall operation system infrastructure. Serverlink supply chain ordering system has been carried out as plan to ease the workload of operation team and accounting team. Licensees are able to place stock order real time via online platform. Outlet operation system has also successfully switched to Octopus Food Pos.
Isetan The Table

Isetan The Table

Isetan’s first F&B Project worldwide. Located at Lot 10 4th Floor, KL, and the new restaurant offers sophisticated cuisine representative of Washoku (Japanese food). There are 5 restaurants serving well-known cuisines in Japan made from premium ingredients and prepared by highly experienced Japanese chefs, where you can enjoy a harmony of high-quality food and amazing flavours. The 6th restaurant will be opened in June, 2017.
Being their system provided, Gopos has successfully deployed more than 10 units of iPad, including main cashiers, ordering tablets for 5 restaurants in one go. Gopos has also corporate with construction team to ensure the printer point was installed accurately. Gopos always keen to understand each restaurant’ management so that our system is able to cater their requirements. Our team has always standing by to ensure the restaurant operation is smooth so that the restaurant reputation will be lifted up.

Isetan The Japan Store – The Table

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